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This machine is an excellent solution for making saddle-stitched Exercise Notebooks, Magazines,  Brochures, TV Guides, Time-Tables, Catalogues, lists and similar printed products in an automated format with Feeder- Stitcher- & Inline Trimmer as a single unit.


The saddle stitcher SS6 Stitch Star, designed to meet the needs of modern bindery which performs with an automatic stitching line with upto 10 feeders and inline three knife trimmer.

  • Simple maintenance and quick make-ready of stitching heads, assured reliable and efficient production.

  • Simple timing of gathering chain to the stitcher.

  • Bearing supporting the gripper bar provides precise book transfer and extends gripper bar life. Maintenance-free steel capped gathering chain and chain rails.


Easy access feeders with superior control

  • Each feeder has adjustable gripper and vacuum opening.

  • In the horizontal format, feeders can be loaded easily and quickly.

  • Signature racks provide quick identification and verification of proper signature loading.

  • Clear protective covers on each feeder allow safe, easy monitoring.

  • Production-indicator light towers at each feeder and a completely visible, full-length catch tray beneath the feeders allow easy monitoring of production.

  • Cards and inserts can be fed without additional attachments.


Easy-maintenance, heavy-duty three-knife trimmer

  • The guards are vertically raised to allow convenient access from all sides.

  • Hand wheel adjustments on the three-knife trimmer enable quick make-ready.

  • Lubrication is quickly accomplished from a central dispensing pump through copper tubing. External lubrication fittings and sealed bearings throughout the saddle stitching system also makes maintenance easy.

  • Knife change is quick and easy.

  • It can be accessorized with a 4th knife (optional).

  • Finished booklets exit on the tray from the delivery end.


Efficient high-speed production up to 8,000 copies per hour

  • The stitcher can be equipped with up to twelve independently-controlled feeders.

  • Outstanding features provide quick and simple make-ready and changeovers with minimal material spoilage

  • Rated speed at 8,000 cycles per hour.


Safe and Easy Operation

  • Electric interlocking safety guards are installed on the Machine with clear protective covers on each feeder.

  • Quality and safety standards are affirmed.


Quality assurance with the oblique monitor and other notable features.

  • Each feeder has photocell missing-sheet detection.

  • Before stitching, booklets are checked by the oblique monitor for long or skewed-book, followed by an over/ under caliper for totality.

  • Irregular sets with missing signatures or pages are diverted to a reject tray unstitched while the machine continues its operation, thus maximizing production and minimizing spoilage.

Technical Data (Click  to Enlarge)

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